Thursday, August 7, 2008

And breathe .....

What a manic few months it has been with house renovations, shows, workshops, films, books, animations all coming together and celebrated. Now offers the perfect opportunity for relaxation and brain de-frag and more ideas to grow and we can start to concentrate on the making and pulling together of material. Jan and I had a trip to Liverpool not to look at archives or anything but just to look at the presentation of material and information and breathe the scouse vibe in - it was top class and we learnt loads - how Liverpool has a very diverse population since many people from Europe came to Liverpool to begin their emigration journeys. I can just imagine the noises, the rabble of sounds and different languages you would hear - coming from Weardale this must have been so confusing. Whilst Weardale must have been a very dynamic place in the 1800s it also must have been very different, accoustically to the sounds of Liverpool.
We also found a Gold Diggers Game for the Gold Diggings of Australia - would be good to make our own.

As with Steve's visitors it is time for some of us to get off on our own journeys and try and find some gold of our own in the form of the sun!!!

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