Tuesday, July 22, 2008


During research for this project we stumbled on a really excellent artist's blog with a wonderful connection to the Westland - have a look Mary-Ann's Cottage - Caithness Scotland

The artist Joanne has some of our Janet's work on her blog - which is one of the best I've seen as she updates it very regularly unlike me!

Over the past few weeks I've been reading lots of accounts of emigrant journeys. There's such a variety of views: John Hillary actively enjoyed his journey and constantly comments on the excellent provisions, Thomas Blackah had a miserable time travelling to America and seemed to hate every minute, the Dobie sisters were more privileged and Mary made wonderful sketches. They all report seeing marvellous sights, sunsets, whales, icebergs, flying fish etc. John and Thomas had short unsuccessful stays and soon returned home but poor Mary Dobie was murdered after a few months in New Zealand.


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Rachel C said...

Hey Steve - these posts are great - your research on specific people's journeys are really interesting - it shows the diversity of experience and that it wasn't all just plain sailing - these people were hardy and tough. It just makes you wonder how difficult it must have been for them here if leaving the country was the only option um - food for thought!